16:9 Dance provides an educational and creative workshop for ages 14+. Workshops emphasis idea and practices involving dance and film. Focusing on videography, participants will explore cinematic choreography options, framing choreography, and camera improvisation. From a movement basis, participants will develop processes of choreography for film. 

Topics of lecture and practice within workshops include:

 - Framing, Tracking, Perspective

- Screendane Vs. Archive or Documentation Film

Equipment understanding, setting, and use

- Single-Shot composition

- Body Engagement

- Choreography of Camera 

- Instigation Determined by Influences 

- Performative qualities for the Camera

- Relationship between Camera and Subject

Ephemeral Elements of Performance

- Unseen Labors of Screendance

- Collaboration

- Multi-Media Elements

- Spectatorship of Filming Processes

Observations and Development

- Editing

Participants will learn movement material, workshop and structure it into a cohesive group piece, and film. Upon completion of post-production editing by 16:9 Dance, participants will be given a digital copy of the finished screendance for their own personal use.